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Treaty Projects
Keenleyside Dam and Arrow Lake
Project Statistics

Storage Project  
Construction began March 1965
Storage became fully operational 10 October 1968
Normal full pool elevation 440 m (1,444 feet)
Normal minimum pool elevation 420 m (1,377.9 feet)
Surface area at full pool 52,500 hectares (130,000 acres)
Total storage capacity 10.3 km3 (8,337,000 acre-feet)
Usable storage capacity 8.8 km3 (7,100,000 acre-feet)
Treaty storage commitment 8.8 km3 (7,100,000 acre-feet)
Dam, Concrete Gravity and Earthfill  
Crest Elevation 445 m (1,459 feet)
Length 869 m (2,850 feet)
Approximate height above riverbed 52 m (170 feet)
Spillway - Maximum capacity 6,700 m3/sec (240,000 cfs)
Low level outlets - Maximum capacity 3,740 m3/sec (132,000 cfs)
Power Facilities  
Designed ultimate installation  
2 units at 92.5 MW 185 MW
Currently installed  
2 units at 92.5 MW 185 MW
Power commercially available 2002
Head at full pool 23.6m (77 feet)
Maximum turbine discharge 1,200 m3/sec (42,400 cfs)
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