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Columbia Basin Water Management Division

COE Water Control WWW Sites

The following two sections contain links to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Water Control sites. The first section lists the Water Resource Center Labs, and the second section lists the Division and District Water Control sites.

COE Water Resource Center Labs

COE Division and District Water Control Web Sites

Use the following list to select Corps of Engineers, Water Control Web Page sites. The list is divided into geographical regions headed by division offices. Some offices do not have Water Control Information available; the link at these offices is to whatever information is available.

Great Lakes and Ohio River Division:

Great Lakes and Ohio River Division - Cincinnati, Ohio
Great Lakes Regional Headquarters - Chicago, Illinois
Buffalo District - Buffalo, New York
Chicago District- Chicago, Illinois
Detroit District - Detroit, Michigan
Huntington District - Huntington, West Virginia
Louisville District - Louisville, Kentucky
Nashville District- Nashville, Tennessee
Pittsburgh District - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mississippi Valley Division:

Mississippi Valley Division - Vicksburg, Mississippi
Memphis District - Memphis, Tennessee
New Orleans District - New Orleans, Louisiana
Rock Island District - Rock Island, Illinois
St. Louis District - St. Louis, Missouri
St. Paul District - St. Paul, Minnesota
Vicksburg District - Vicksburg, Mississippi

North Atlantic Division:

North Atlantic Division - New York, New York
Baltimore District - Baltimore, Maryland
New England District: - Concord, Massachusetts
New York District - New York, New York
Norfolk District - Norfolk, Virginia
Philadelphia District - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Northwestern Division:

Northwestern Division - Portland, Oregon
Missouri River Regional Headquarters - Omaha, Nebraska
Kansas City District - Kansas City, Missouri
Omaha District - Omaha, Nebraska
Portland District - Portland, Oregon
Seattle District - Seattle, Washington
Walla Walla District - Walla Walla, Washington

Pacific Ocean Division:

Pacific Ocean Division - Honolulu, Hawaii
Alaska District - Anchorage, Alaska
Far East District - Seoul, Korea
Honolulu District - Fort Shafter, Hawaii
Japan District - Camp Zama, Japan

South Atlantic Division:

South Atlantic Division - Atlanta, Georgia
Charleston District - Charleston, South Carolina
Jacksonville District - Jacksonville, Florida
Mobile District - Mobile, Alabama
Savannah District - Savannah, Georgia
Wilmington District - Wilmington, North Carolina

South Pacific Division:

South Pacific Division - San Francisco, California
Albuquerque District - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Los Angeles District - Los Angeles, California
Sacramento District - Sacramento, California
San Francisco District - San Francisco, California

Southwestern Division:

Southwestern Division: - Dallas, Texas
Fort Worth District - Fort Worth, Texas
Galveston District - Galveston, Texas
Little Rock District - Little Rock, Arkansas
Tulsa District - Tulsa, Oklahoma

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Columbia Basin Water Management Division
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